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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Memorable Day on the Beach

Roslan and i went to the beach last holiday. While we we were there,something happened to make this a memorable day for both us.
we had started off early in the morning. When we arrived at the beach,there were no many people there yet.Roslan and i sat down to gaze the sea.soon,however,the beach was crowded with the picnickers.

Roslan and i changed into our swimming-trunks and raced into the water.The water was cool and fresh and we swam until we tired.the exercise had whetted our appetite,so we ate our packed lunch.then,we rested a while before going to the sea again.

By mid afternoon,most of swimmers had come out of water to lie on the beach.Roslan wanted to collect sea shells for his sister,so we took a walk along the sea shore.Suddenly,we saw a little girl about two years old-running towards the sea.She went deeper and deeper into the water.
Nobody notice her,except us,so we run after her.

Roslan reached her just as she got into trouble.she lost her balance n was sinking into the water.Roslan picked her up n carried her to the shore.Just then,her parents arrived,they had discovered that their daughter was missing them.they thanked us n i went home.

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